We offer a selection of amazing programs to prepare you for a career in fashion. Your hands-on learning will be guided by talented and experienced instructors. But your education is all about bringing out your own individual style as you work through design challenges drawn from the real world and explore what it takes to take styles from concept to consumer.

Fashion is a full-service fashion and modeling school created by supermodel Helen Tompson. Our mission is to give aspiring talent what it takes to achieve success in the thrilling, but difficult industry. We offer comprehensive training and knowledge necessary to pursue a variety of careers in the fashion field. Our students learn the best practices, taught by qualified professionals.

We are always searching for fresh ideas. Fashion is constantly changing, and what was fresh and new yesterday is old hat today. Fashion designers must always be on the look-out new trends and styles, often from the mostly unlikely of places.

Fashionable trends tend to change with an unbelievable speed from year to year. But even things that are independent of fashion usually develop. It becomes almost impossible to predict how photography will look like, especially if we are talking about fashion photography. However, our experts managed to sneak into the backstage of the trend smithery – the Paris Fashion Show – and they are ready to share the latest trends with you (including the most important factors that influence modern fashion photography).

The first and the most important thing to remember about fashion and photography – they follow each other`s trends very closely. So if anything changes in fashion industry, it finds its reflection in the art of fashion photography. But such development is not limited to the fashion world only – technological progress also has a significant influence on photography, maybe even more then the fashion itself. And the last factor is the activity of famous designers and photographers – it also adds a bit of advancement into fashion photography.